Is He A Womanizer…Or even a Gentleman?


I recently?discovered a web site post that aggravated me a tiny bit.

The topic is “Womanizing Techniques” – i read and began to think to myself…”Wait a second,?I do these things!”?And We are most certainly not a womanizer.

Generalizing is a very slippery slope and also this blogger could easily scare a woman faraway from a true gentleman who genuinely does value her. But, as they exhibits a lot of the natural qualities they say are a symbol of a womanizer, she might run.

Without further ado, I’m likely to take great pleasure in deconstructing this nonsense.

*Note: The very first points are bulleted below, with my response underneath.*


  • Womanizers realise that a?“clean/rich” look?impresses a woman.

I personally pride myself on having this so-called “clean/rich” look. Simply because it’s this style and i also be proud of my appearance. It can be absolutely nothing to use generate an income may not also treat a woman. Your integrity isn’t dictated through your style choices.

  • A womanizer will see a strategy to?relate to your story. He’s going to allow you to are convinced you might have many?things in common.

So will a real, empathetic person who has depth and dignity.?What happens if you will have several things in common? Suppose he Will surely refer to your story?

  • A womanizer moves really quick. He will probably use words just like “potential wife“. A womanizer desires to reach his goal the instant he will, so he doesn’t waste his time.

I agree that your?can be a warning sign. Not always of an womanizer, but perhaps someone who is just very clingy and insecure in general. He’d are the exact opposite on the womanizer and rarely find a person who is keen on him. Still no top quality, however, not womanizer-specific, either.

  • Womanizers recognize that women need to get married and subside. So he’ll get you to visualize a?FUTURE?with him. Again, he’ll makes use of the word?“WIFE”.

Isn’t imagining an upcoming coupled with someone you have got strong feelings for?a a valuable thing??How on the earth will you be should be secure in every relationship if you believe that anytime he mentions an upcoming he’s like a womanizer? 404 Logic not found.

  • Womanizers is centered on the?“WE”?and the?“future”. Women love the?WE?talk, and womanizers reap the benefits of our weakness.

?!?! See previous comment.?A good man so what your self is about “we” and also the “future” too – that is under no circumstances a sign of a womanizer.

  • Womanizers will?overly compliment?you. He’ll almost certainly look deep within the eyes and sincerely tells you that you’ll be beautiful, gorgeous, unique-

Since when is this a a dangerous thing?? If more men genuinely complimented women perhaps women’s understanding of men wouldn’t be so paranoid.

  • Womanizers are overly romantic and charming- He would call you with nicknames like?“babe, baby, sweetheart, sweetie, honey”?to develop a woman feel special, but actually saying it never to mixup the actual names.

I do these things with my girlfriend. We’re overly romantic and charming at times. I organized our first date complete with a waterfront dinner and black car service. You know what? We’re still together 8 months later and this was at not a way a sign of womanizing. Why would a person placed in that kind of effort? To sleep together with you? Give me an opportunity.

We also call one another little pet names such as that and we’re fully aware of each other’s real names.

  • Womanizers?use wealth?to impress women.?BMW, Porsche– expensive restaurants, only purchasing from Whole Foods- luxury Two bedroom apartment-

I drive a BMW. We go to expensive restaurants. She?only?shops at Industry because it’s organic. Explain again how such things, typically located in the lives of the successful individual, are indication of a womanizer?

  • Womanizer will?manipulate your subconscious?into thinking naughty. It a way to get your pants down ASAP.

Or maybe, you’ll be so strongly enthusiastic about him that you just act on your own feelings and desires and it’s two consenting adults enjoying one another physically. Crazy thought, I know.

  • Womanizer knows exactly what a woman needs to hear. He’s got?NO intention?of planing the next with you, yet somehow he causes you to think he could be committed.

Yes. This one Certainly with. If they’re experiencing all of this ridiculous effort but has?NO intention of continuing something serious along, he’s more than solely a womanizer. He’s a dumbass that is wasting his money under no circumstances.

  • Womanizers will blame everything you. It’s?never his fault. He’s going to experience damaging to most things that goes completely wrong.

I might be along with this one too. However if someone blames everything with you it doesn’t suggest he’s a womanizer. It certainly?does not mean anything good about him, but they’re working for many different reasons. In spite of his reason(s) though, you most likely shouldn’t be around him.

  • Womanizers are?ridiculously busy. There’re?FAKE?busy. They will likely make?stupid excuses

Here’s one example: My cousin is Quarter of a century old, he’s a whole time engineering job, runs a couple of his personal businesses, competes in fitness competitions, and owns a loft apartment from the city on his own. They are what you’d call?ridiculously busy. In case your woman is going to assume he’s a womanizer due to his full schedule, the real key shall be another genuinely good man who’s neglected within the cold thanks to false assumptions.

Women absolutely cannot?be walking on on a daily basis thinking any man who’s going to be successful, well dressed, genuine and charming, is usually a womanizer. This psychology will literally are the downfall of relationships when it spreads far enough.

Please will not infect your mates or members of the family when using the ridiculous nonsense propaganda in the summary sentences above.

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