7 Reasons You believe Relationships Suck


People often ask me where I receive the minds for many of the articles I write. The fact remains, many of the time, you’ve had reached find inspiration during the un-inspirational. Folks that complain or are negative can regularly make you say “hey, it just shouldn’t be because of this, and that i am getting at something regarding this.”

One for these situations that truly grinds my gears occurs when people generalize all relationships as negative. By this I mean they can make unattractive blanket statements that classify being with someone as inherently ill-fated. After all, that really fries my chicken. It seriously burns my toast.

Here are a couple of myths being perpetuated in these times that come from a simple misunderstanding of the a romantic relationship really is. Unfortunately, people can have had these experiences a few times, and commence to generalize along with continue to express their opinions as overall fact.

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