The False Myth About Women


It’s rare that we comment on anything on Facebook unless We’ve strong feelings towards sentiment. While scrolling through my newsfeed recently I stumbled on a status update that, while not entirely surprising, grabbed attention.

It said “The best solution to come up with a girl love you is always to treat her like sh*t.”

Yes, really.

Of course, I needed to respond. Leaving aside the reality that you can’t “make” someone adore you, I insisted that ladies who accept being treated badly simply don’t recognize their own individual self worth yet. Not surprisingly, women commented likewise and pointed out just how the statement was utter nonsense. But, that didn’t stop the other comments from saying they’ve seen it happen too often.

Who is perpetuating the false myth that ladies actually?like?to be “treated like sh*t”?

Men are. And are therefore women.

Herein lies the challenge. Men’re not doing their job from multiple angles. If it is raising daughters, they are certainly not properly instilling the self-worth that is going to result in a girl to never accept fewer than she deserves. Of course, if they’re raising sons, they’re not teaching them proper respect and values. Mothers have this responsibility also.

Aside from parenting fails (at all like me not a parent, I won’t speak an excessive amount for that), relationship fails are all the more prominent. Numerous men treat women so badly in relationships from a young age, they’re practically teaching ladies that’s whatever they should expect from all of the men, and for that reason it is accepted. Women then continue their pattern in older ages and make finding yourself with men who don’t treat them right.

Women are certainly not doing their job, either.

Women have to stop accepting?any kind negative treatment from anyone in every intimate situation. Staying single simply accepting the romance you deserve is?always the best decision than settling in a very negative relationship you’ll regret down the road.

I read an insurance quote once in spite of this “If more women would stay and be ladies, more men would perservere and become gentlemen.” I feel the underlying idea is that if men is pursuing a female and then she holds some standard for she’ll accept, they have two choices:

1) Meet her standards.

2) Lose her.

It is actually so easy. No woman or man actually hopes to be mistreated. Nobody wants to be disrespected, and no-one wants to be discouraged. Everybody wants a similar things in relationships – love, acceptance, encouragement, and respect.

If a woman is compromising for someone that mistreats her it simply means that he hasn’t realized what she deserves. This comes from within, but she might benefit from some help back with her confidence. She may possibly not have had the most encouraging upbringing. She will not feel she is deserving of better –?but giving you no excuse to perpetuate the concept.

Sometimes, anyone doesn’t recognize their own personal value until somebody else points out with them. Each day, we now have two choices:

Keep providing them with the lack of love they think is typical, or open their eyes and show them what they’re worth.

I know the one that I choose, will you?

Never ignore the three small words that could help your relationships.

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