10 Easy Tips on how to Piss Off Your Girlfriend


For some guys, being chivalrous and romantic is way too much work. They would prefer apathetic towards their girlfriend and easily probably not put any effort in to the relationship.

To make those guys’ lives easier, here’s 10 easy methods of piss off your girlfriend.

1. Ensure that you forget info on conversations you experienced.

This will help make her know that that you don’t listen or pay attention when she talks. With regard to added points, bring up conversations you felt the need compared to other women, thinking it was actually with your ex instead.

Bonus:?In other words, as you are communicate with other women, women must obviously such as you. So, you must be charming and trustworthy.

2. When she says to you about her feelings over text, always reply with “k.”

All some time.

Bonus: She will love you focus on her feelings and don’t desire to chime in your complete own.

3. Make promises to day friends, lots. And, don’t invite her.

When you can get home (should you go back home), “forget” to text her goodnight. Do that repeatedly.

Bonus: She’ll respect you to have a lifetime of your personal without being clingy to her.

4. Text other folks, often, whilst you need to be watching her.

If she asks “Who’s that?” or “What’s so funny?” Reply with: “Don’t bother about it.”

Bonus: She’ll love this mainly because it makes you seem mysterious.

5. Speaking of texting, take a long time to reply to her.

This is best of all if she knows you usually respond immediately to other people. If you’re using WhatsApp and other method that lets her know dull the written text, take even longer.

Bonus: She’ll think its great because you’re playing hard to get.

6. Let her know how hot her friend/sister/cousin/mother is.

Bonus: She is going to thank you for your honesty.

7: Write passive-aggressive Facebook statuses using terms like “her” and “she” – allow it to become obvious that it’s about her.

Bonus: She is going to love that you mention her in your friends and prefer to brag about her.

8. Don’t introduce her to your family.

Bonus: Could appreciate and respect your want for privacy in your own relationship.

9. Interrupt her when she’s discussing her feelings. Start up something completely unrelated. Make certain it’s for you.

Bonus: She’ll observe that just like putting loads of effort into being attentive to her, she should tune in to you also.

10: Apologize to your inappropriate behavior. Keep doing a similar things anyway.

Bonus: She’ll appreciate that you’re a ‘real man’ and don’t change yourself for anybody.

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