6 Reasons You’re Still Single (Part 1 – Girls)


Generation Y often struggles with relationships. It seems like being increasingly challenging not only stumbled upon a solid relationship, but to discover someone worthwhile dating initially.

Sure, now you may drop their standards faster than the usual prom dress to get a person to have a blast with, but why don’t you consider to become a happy couple?

Here are 6 the reason why you are single.

You’re still in your own party phase.

This it is time that you should be single. But, added to that, in search of love ‘up in da club’ may be a recipe for disaster in the first place. Yes I am aware, your friend’s cousin’s babysitter’s aunt met a lady at Starbucks who’s daughter grinded up on some guy who grunted his number at her, and they marry.

It happens – but, typically, the meat-market nature of nightlife is just not the best places to look forward to finding a solid relationship.

You’re dying to be with someone. Anyone.

It’s one thing to prefer to the to mention happy times with, however it’s an entire other thing to want to find anyone to share memories with. When you show need for anyone shows affinity for you just because someone is finally listening – it’s going to never last.

How is it possible to expect someone to respect you any time you do not show them that you choose to respect yourself?

Desperation seriously isn’t attractive and you may sacrifice your dignity for a temporary high. Hold on ideal one, it will probably be worth the money.

You hate men.

Yes – all men suck, right? A minimum of, that’s what another Facebook status you post says. Your vast life exposure to ‘all men’ has given the endless knowledge to proclaim that all of them is useless-and this really is purported to attract the right one to you-how?


Self-sacrifice isn’t your lifestyle.

Relationships are about selflessness. Compromise. Making another individual happy. If you are within a phase inside your life where you’re completely dedicated to yourself, you cannot expect a (decent) guy to chase you around being a puppy dog. It’s actually a two way street.

It doesn’t matter how generous or giving anyone is, relationships are really a team, and there’s no “I” in team, remember?

You ‘don’t need no man.’

The ultra-independent woman is for us. I love women who are self-sufficient, live their own lives, and get his or her ambitions. That being said-as men, problems in later life you don’t need us. That is not the stage that a marriage.

We i would love you to want us, and if you are consistently adamant which you have zero need to have a guy that you saw – be assured, you’re going to get what you desire.

You-get around.

Word travels. Enough said.

Nobody wants to fight an uphill battle. You will need a specific method of woman to bring in (while keeping) a more mature, self-respecting man.

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