The fact Relationships Are certainly not About


There are lots of great qualities found in a solid, healthy relationship. Some of the (obvious) good stuff that relationships are about, are:

– Friendship

– Teamwork

– Love

– Commitment

– Loyalty

– Attraction

– Trust

– Respect

…And also the list proceeds.

However, a very important factor your relationship should?never actually cover is…


When you are looking for a wholesome relationship, there should be hardly any want to control your partner.

Giving you ultimatums so that you are together, depending where you’re and who you’re with, or going through your phone without you knowing, are typically clear signs and symptoms of a person who is insecure, and doesn’t trust you, or themselves.

Control, isn’t love. Unreasonable jealousy, seriously isn’t love. Ultimatums, may not be love.

All these things are all what appear when someone has trust issues and projects them onto you. You’re likely to be the proper companion, nevertheless be made to feel as though you’re doing everything wrong, on a daily basis.

Needless to express, it will get your meals at both first step toward your relationship, with your self-esteem. Dare I have faith that, and this the offender wants. They require one to think that you can’t inflict better because meaning you won’t leave them. They require that you feel as if you’re not worthy because you’ll require your adoration and approval their own.

They choose to control you.

Have enough respect for your own benefit to spot this, and don’t walk away…but?run away.

You can perform better.


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