7 Things Women Think About


The age old question ‘what exactly do women want?’ is one that has haunted, and will probably haunt every man that has ever lived.

The smart ones discover that girls really aren’t as complicated even as think they may be – they need to be loved, heard, respected, and understood (that last one is usually a doozey). But, you can still find stuff that we’re able to ascertain if you really pay attention.

1. The car matters below you’re thinking that it will.

What matters above any type of car you drive – quite simply now have one out of the ultimate place. Unless you’re hoping to impress a ‘certain type’ of woman who will be in search of the same recognized stand you will be, your automobile can take a back seat to a lot of other qualities you’ve. Drive a good one you’ll it, yet not for getting her attention.

2. You talk far too much in ‘intimate situations.’

Let’s not get overly enthusiastic here – communication is?key?when the lights are out, but don’t overthink or overcomplicate things. Many of the most romantic moments a couple of is capable of having together are spontaneous and arise from an instinct or simple touch. Don’t ask permission for anything you do – but don’t cross any lines without receiving the go-ahead first, either.

3. Simply a child breaks up over text.

Sure, 98.2367% of communication lately will be text. I rarely ever communicate with my girlfriend on the telephone – but more severe conversations, or maybe you’re gonna consider it quits, should still happen nose to nose. Turn into a man, man.

4. You suck at sexting.

‘Sexting’ actually is the bread and butter of courting right now. Winky faces and witty quips are king in regards to making a woman laugh and obtaining happy with you. For those who don’t understand how to properly flirt or speak with women via text, she may turn to accidentally bypass every person you send her.

5. It’s simpler to cheat than you imagine.

Women don’t always equate cheating with going ‘the many way’ – actually, in many cases emotional cheating is as bad (and this is what women usually do greater than men). If you’re completely disconnected through the partner and therefore are having late-night conversations with someone else you wouldn’t long for them to discover, it could be time for you to re-evaluate things.

6. Your pick-up lines are lame.

The art of approaching women is the crucial element to unlocking the castle.

No approach = no conversation = no date.

You don’t has to be Casanova or spit out some funny one-liner to acquire her attention. Just, say hello. The lads that are truly successful with approaching for women who live a terrific, calm, collected confidence about them, and so are qualified to hold conversations well. Aim to say something unique for your surroundings or about her specifically, don’t sound rehearsed.

7. Yes it’s 2019, company make sure you still cover the 1st date.

There are many independent women in existence, but a lot of people love to be respected generating to feel special. If you’ve gotten past #6 with our list, you’ve received a first date approaching. You don’t really need to reveal the red carpet you are able to limousine rich in doves go and pick her up – although not dressing like you’re looking into gym is a great start, and deciding on a nice, comfortable restaurant (the place you pick up the tab), is a fantastic the second step.

If we did it right, the ending will probably be a lot better.

Agree? Disagree? Comment your notions below or tweet me at @JamesMSama.

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