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High intensity interval training can produce amazing results. But, like anything, it’s best in moderation.

How (and Why) to Cycle Your Exercise with Your Menstrual Cycle

I can relate to my female clients when a normal workout routine is unexpectedly impossible. Equipped with curiosity and compassion for my female body, I dove into the current research on how the menstrual cycle affects a woman's exercise capacity.

Being an Exercise Researcher Taught Me to Rethink My Own Fitness

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with exercise. That is until I started researching how powerful it really is.

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Chronic stress means living in a constant state of fight or flight. So what does that mean for Black women's health and fitness?

14 Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training can provide numerous benefits for people of every age, size, and shape. Read on to find your inspiration.


Exercise After the COVID Vaccine: Are There Risks?

Is it safe to exercise after the COVID vaccine? We've got the answer.

The Digital Fitness Boom Is Closing Gender Gaps in Health and Wellness

Digital fitness platforms are proving to be an unlikely solution to the disproportionate burden women felt throughout the pandemic, as well as the gaps in gender equity that have always plagued fitness.

Practicing the 8 Limbs of Yoga Will Help You Understand Yoga as It Was Meant to Be

The original 8 limbs of yoga offer insight into how yoga has been culturally appropriated. Here's how you can honor yoga's roots while you practice.

How to Rebuild a Healthy Relationship with Exercise After Exercise Addiction

Recovering from exercise addiction is no small task, but it is possible when you find the fun in moving again.